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"One size fits all" is never the case when it comes to investing. Each investment product is designed to solve for a different goal within your portfolio. Use our tool to help you align your interests and needs, with investments that can help you achieve your goals and enhance your portfolio.

Alternative Income

Typically seek both capital appreciation and income, and may serve as a complement to a portfolio’s core fixed income allocation

Biotech & Pharmaceuticals

Offers exposure to potential upside advancements within the medical and bio-tech industries and can serve as a diversification tool for investors

Digital Assets

As digital assets ecosystems continue to grow and innovate, here are options to gain exposure to this space


Provides regular income, similar to fixed income instruments, which may provide portfolios with additional stability, while also offering exposure to the potential capital appreciation of the stock

Emerging Markets

Opportunities to access the demographic and technological growth trends shaping the transformation of emerging market economies

Floating Rate

Floating rate instruments may help lower the interest rate sensitivity of a portfolio

Gaming & Entertainment

Dynamic exposure opportunity driven by an increased demand for online, interactive entertainment and the aging demographic of digital natives

Gold Investing

Enhances portfolio diversification, acts as store of value, and hedges against systemic financial and geopolitical risk

High Yield

Corporate bonds rated below investment grade—tend to have low correlation to other fixed income sectors and less interest rate sensitivity, offering potential portfolio diversification

Moat Investing

A composition of companies with competitive and sustainable profitability projections at attractive valuations, potentially offering investors a long-term investment solution

Municipal Bonds

Debt security issued by a state, municipality or county, enabling investors to exercise control over their portfolio yield, duration and credit exposures at different points in the interest rate cycle

Sustainable Investing

An approach that drives sustainable investing, alongside financial results, by aligning investment opportunities with investors’ values

Taxable Fixed Income

Investment instruments that can be used to create stability within a portfolio by relying on interest rate or dividend payments through the maturity date


Can serve as a strong growth strategy within an investor's portfolio, providing access to steady growth driven by the demand for innovation and efficiency

Thematic Investing

Insights on targeted investment opportunities based on structural growth trends, including gaming, biotech and technology.

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Moat Investing
Moat Companies Show their Mettle
  • Drivers of recent performance through turbulent markets
  • June’s index repositioning based on Morningstar’s latest assessment of moat company valuations
  • Hear directly from Morningstar’s equity research team
  • Brandon Rakszawski
    Brandon Rakszawski
    Senior Product Manager
  • Joshua Aguilar
    Joshua Aguilar
    Senior Equity Analyst, Morningstar
  • Michael Hodel
    Michael Hodel
    Director Equity Research, Morningstar
  • Debbie Wang
    Debbie Wang
    Senior Equity Analyst, Morningstar
12 July 2022
11:00 AM US ET
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