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    ETF Trends: ETF Spotlight: Quality Dividends from Emerging Markets

    2/14/14: ETF Trends focuses on the features of QDEM as part of an ongoing series. “The ETF was launched on January 21, 2014…The underlying components are screened for stable dividend growth and dividend sustainability.”
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    Financial Times: India Luxury: A New Consumer Emerges

    11/12/13: According to FT, the portion of the Indian population with disposable income and interest in luxury shopping is growing. “’Closet consumers’ are emerging.”
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    Financial Times: Should South Korea Still Be an Emerging Market?

    11/08/13: MSCI, the U.S.-based provider of equity, fixed income, and hedge fund indices, recently made some revisions to its emerging markets equity index. Electing to keep South Korea in the index, MSCI made clear that the country does not qualify as a developed market according to MSCI standards.
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    Index Universe: Van Eck Plans Four Non-US ‘Quality’ ETFs

    7/26/13: Hannah Tool outlines the four new international and emerging markets ETFs Market Vectors plans to launch in 2014. “All the strategies, including the ‘quality’ screen, amount to new ways to cherry-pick particularly attractive pockets of the investment universe…”
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MSCI International Quality Dividend ETF QDXU

  • Full Name: Market Vectors® MSCI International Quality Dividend ETF

    Management Style: Replication

    Underlying Index: MSCI ACWI ex USA High Dividend Yield Index (M1WDUDY)

    Index Description: M1WDUDY is a rules-based index intended to track the overall performance of companies within international countries (ex-U.S.) that have demonstrated dividend yields that are higher than the average dividend yield of the Parent Index (MSCI ACWI ex USA Index) and deemed by the Index Provider to be both sustainable and persistent.


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      NYSE Arca
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    as of 04/17/14